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On the 22.06.2020 the Exor team created an AmA channel on the official EXOR Studios Discord and held an all-day AmA event.

The following is a summary of the questions (Q) and answers (A) asked on the first day; additional questions that were asked and answered afterward will also be collected on this page.

Questions and answers are sorted into categories on this page for easier browsing.

Game Release

Q: How big is the story campaign expected to be on release?

A: Not FF7 long, but not CoD short - more than 20 hours for sure

Q: Do you have any plans for the game post release?

A: We plan to continue developing the game a long time after release and expand it with new features. This is going to be a long-standing project

Q: How much is the game going to cost on release?

A: Not decided yet, probably around $25-30

Q: I look forward to early access what you have now is better than some "AAA" titles at release, do you plan to do early access for the game ?

A: We prefer a full release

Q: Will this games early access be on the same day as the full release just so people that want early access get one?

A: No, let them suffer and wait even longer! the we will release a goty edition called 'early access'

Q: Why can't we pre-order the game?

A: Preorders require you to commit to a delivery date and we are not ready for that yet.

Q: Will you be considering putting the demo online again at a later point?

A: The demo will be made available at some point in the near future

Q: What protection for the game you will use to make it harder to hack or crack it?

A: People will find a way around everything and being overprotective hurts legitimate users in the long run. Steam DRM is enough for us.

Q: And while we are talking audio, can you please put the soundtrack on Spotify as well, if possible?

A: We'll try, but can't promise that for sure.

Q: Is there any plans on an open alpha/beta before relase?

A: That is very likely

Q: Is the game going to be always-online?

A: No.

Q: Will the game have linux support?

A: Not officially, no

Q: How many Alpha testers do you currently have? are you worried about having to many and do you have expectations from them?

A: We don't want to give the access to too many people because we would be flooded with crash reports and requests. As we get closer to 1.0 we will add more people into the alpha. We expect them to have fun and tell us the things that are not fun

Q: So there will be a demo in the future or even a open beta ? any idea when this will be ?

A: Sometime in the future


Q: How long do you expect the campaign to be and if riftbreaker is a commercial success will you consider a sequel or perhaps a large expansion to the game ?

A: We'd prefer a lot of updates to the main game rather than a sequel.

Q: Are we able to buy the soundtrack?

A: It will be available for sale. I'm not sure if we can do that before the game's release. It looks like it's done right now, but there's still quite a but of work to be finished on the game so we might expand it further.

Q: Will there be an Art book for The Riftbreaker?

A: Too expensive to make, we could do an online one, tho!

Q: Are there any other games that you will work after riftbreaker? Maybe just a concept or a name? Or you havent even planned that far

A: We don't have any plans for after The Riftbreaker yet. First we need to gather enough onions ;)

Q: Will coop be available at launch? Have you decided how many player coop will be? Will you be trying coop through the main campaign?

A: Coop will not be available at launch, we havne't started working on it

Q: Is there any plan for a collectors edition of the game, or a physical version at all?

A: We'd love that but we can't do it on our own. We'll see if somebody would like to cooperate with us on that

Q: Have you started considering Merchandise? Basic stuff, like tshirts, caps, mugs, more advanced stuff like Pop! Bubblehead collectible figurines of Mr. Riggs?

A: Nah, let's ship the game first :p

Q: The longevity of the game, will it made through small and free DLC like seasons with an official ladder?, larger DLCs like expansions? I think modding was confirmed for post release?

A: Longevity will come from randomized gameplay - maps are procedurally generated and weapon crafting yields different results every time. We are going to add features post-release, both as free content updates and larger campaign DLCs. We're not fans of smaller DLCs.

Q: I know mr. riggs is the only mech for launch do you think you may add different mechs with different loadout possibilities after launch?

A: That's great material for a post release update, but we're not planning additional mech types in build 1.0

Modding, Maps

Q: Are there plans for mod support or a custom map maker?

A (Void): We don't plan to make modding difficult and you're going to get the map editor (I think)

Q: Will there be some kind of Map editor for custom maps?

A: I suppose that we are going to release the map editor just like we did for X-Morph: Defense, although it is not my decision to make

Q: "We will give you access to most or all of our internal game development tools" are they easy to understand or is a bit of knowledge needed?

A (Void): Even I get them

Q: VoidReaver mentioned on stream yesterday that there was a mission editor, is there any details about the extend of the editor and whether they will support steam workshop for sharing said missions?

A: We had steam workshop support for X-morph: Defense. We use the exact same editor we plan to release to create content for the game - so... everything is possible. (voidreaver)]2020-07-10]

Game Mechanics


Q: will there be electricity based weapons like Tesla coils or shield powered by electricity. (A dome shield would be cool)

A: Yes. No more info for now.

Q: Will there be remote detonator mines for specifically timed explosions?

A: Haven't planned anything like that

Q: Will there be more equipment for mister riggs or do you already have most of it in game already?

A: There will be a lot more equipment! Especially disposable stuff like portable drills, turrets, new kinds of weapons, mines with slow/burn/acid modifiers etc

Q: Let's see, another demo question - while the guns are more effective in many cases, the sword just feels so much more satisfying in some cases - especially because you dont have an ammo cap. I know the demo's options were limited, but are more 'melee' weapon options planned beyond just modding the sword?

A: They are planned but we're not sure if that's a 1.0 feature...

Q: Is there any intention to change the way mods are created? Though I do love the dropping of mods from farming enemies it does feel diabloesque cheap mode. Or perhaps the DNA samples that are dropped will be used to research/create mods rather than the current drop system?

A: We are not thinking about changing ways of optaining mods now, but who knows. There should be way in a future to combine same mods (quality and type) to obtain better ones. It will not be hard to make mods craftable, but for now we are not planning to do that. (starbugs)[2020-07-06]

Gameplay Mechanics

Q: Is there any plans for a droid that follows think pet systems in other games found I was missing a lot of loot

A: Drones! We'd like to have multiple types of drones following Mr. Riggs around and helping out :)

Q: Will there be more natural disasters like comet strikes, toxic rain, earthquakes, ... ?

A: You bet!

Q: Will there be some roguelike element added to a game mode, for example gaining a specific boost to something per completed run?

A: We don't have such plans right now. Maybe as some kind of a modifier for Survival mode in a post release patch.

Q: Is there any additional information you guys are willing to share about how the crafting system in the game works?

A: I'll write an article about that, as well as mods.

Q: Is there a chance you might expand close combat moves and introduce actual combos, like maybe a rotating blade whirlwind, or a dashing joust?

A: That's what we like to call 'a massive task', we had that planned but it might not come any time soon

Q: Is there something like "allies" planned? For example a neutral creature/entity/faction that you help with something and in turn they provide something for you? Could be resources, defenses, creatures to attack enemy creatures?

A: only drone allies

Q: Will there gonna be random mission generator?

A: Missions are randomly generated in survival mode

Q: So far we have regular movement, sprint, rift teleportation - will there be more methods of movement in the game? I am thinking about Jetpack Jump (+stomps), short range (on-screen) teleporter ability

A: We'd love that, it's on our to-do list

Q: Will the game be rewarding exploration? I played the demo for the first time and basically did all the objectives and won the game in 15 minutes or so and that was it, I then played it again and began exploring instead and while I found a big enemy at the top that I didn't find last time I didn't find anything else on the map that really made it worthwhile or even just interesting to explore the map, this is of course just a demo so I don't know how it will be in story missions.

A: The reward for exploration is more resources and rare elements that allow you to craft powerful stuff, perhaps during the campaign it will also unlock you some bonuses, but we'll see about that

Q: How extensive ARPG elements are you considering?, right now it's mainly research (gear) and base tech that is developed, but what about skills/genetics etc ?

A: Mech augmentations, weapons mods, mech skill expansions, that's about it

Q: Can you tell us if the drone allies are to be relegated to the base (since it sounds like we might have combat ones). or if we can have a small army with us?

A: The idea is they will follow you around

Q: Will exploration figure more in both survival and campaing play ?

A: Exploration will be very important when all the features are done

Q: Will there be biomass farms to fuel my biomass generators? I'm sure those lovely corpses could make amazing fuel also for power needs

A: We already have those for plant biomass

Q: Have you thought about a versus multiplayer? One player directing the alien swarms

A: We have not been thinking about pvp at all

Q: Any plans for friendly units in the future?

A: Drones will follow you around and do stuff for you

Q: There is the stairway platform for shooting over walls - would you consider adding a second layer that allows walking on top of walls?

A: No, that is not the intended use :p

Q: On a slightly more serious note, will there be a Mr Riggs outfitting garage between missions?

A: Some kind of customisation is planned

Q: My experience thus far has been with just the steam demo, so perhaps this is answered in the alphas - but right now there seems to be a LOT of drop RNG. Not just the mods, but the resources from creatures and even ground crystals - the same crystal color can seemingly give any resource. Mods aside, do you intend to keep this kind of resource randomness for the full release, or will you start tying drops to specific sources - crystal colors, creature types, etc?

A: Drops and loot rates are a mess right now - it's the 1st iteration of the system and probabilities. We are going to change the algorithm to a more reliable one and tweak the parameters to be less annoying

Q: Will foliage regrow over time? Would love to see the kaboom groves replenish themselves amongst other areas.

A: That is indeed the plan. (voidreaver)[2020-06-26]


Q: Are we going to have infights between aliens?

A: Yes. Probably.

Q: Will the aliens dynamically adjust to your tactics or stay largely the same during combat?

A: The aliens behave predictably, each of them has a set of moves you can learn and avoid easily. They won't change their behavior mid-combat

Q: Will enemys ai grow and learn overtime? making it not just stronger waves but smarter attacks planned

A: No plans for AI changes

Q: Will bosses and unique units from the campaign be useable in sandbox/ survival mode AND will we be able to customise which creatures we encounter in sandbox. Like if we wanted to have just thousands of zerglings could we do that ?

A: There is a sandbox control panel that allows you to spawn any number of creatures at any point

Q: How extensive ARPG elements are you considering?, right now it's mainly research (gear) and base tech that is developed, but what about skills/genetics etc ?

A: Mech augmentations, weapons mods, mech skill expansions, that's about it

Q: Right now both demo experience and the alpha experience of combat is mainly kiting style gun and gun, will your plans mix that up so we see more tactical approaches with some enmies and opportunity to use environment like you had (Awesomely so in XMORPH) and the boss fights in xmorph ?

A: When we get more enemies in the game you will have to mix it up, just wait, we can't spoil everything

Q: How in-depth is the swarm vs mech base going to be? Endless sky darkening hordes that seem insurmountable but the mechababe will reign supreme?

A: Well, that's one of the options. Fighting is inevitable, but there will be ways to be more peaceful and find non-lethal ways of dealing with the hordes.

Q: Are you having further plans for the little red cockroaches or will they just stay as deco critters?

A: They're there just for decorative purposes. and to eat corpses.

Q: You mentioned that there are no intentions to change the AI, though the response was to a learning-AI question. Did you mean that as a flat statement or that you don't intend to fundamentally alter the nature of the AI system?

A: There will be improvements, that's for sure, but not overhauls.

Q: Can we expect to have more hive buildings that need to be cleared out and destroyed, but feel more challenging than the current iteration of hives?

A: Yes. We've got that in our plans, but haven't started working on that yet. (Pawel Lekki)[2020-7-16]


Q: Are you planning to create and include more purely decorative, non-functional assets for the "decoration" category? I am thinking different types of lamps, maybe an oversized statue of Mr. Riggs?

A: Yes. Propositions for these are very welcome in the feedback channel

Q: Plans for more turret types? Flamethrower/gauss/rocket ones or even modular turrets?

A: We would love more variety, we just need some time to implement all that stuff

Q: How many confirmed types of different defense towers do you guys have planned for release?

A: confirmed? 4. Planned? 444 :D

Q: Are we likely to see any longer range weaponry than current artillery tower?

A: Yes, I'd love 4grid huge artillery towers, but I can't convince ennough people to put them in the game yet

Q: Do buildings change appearance when you upgrade them?

A: Walls and gates change colors but that's not final, and the rest of the buildings get a little indicator above them - that's not final either

Q: It be nice if turret could get mod's on them.

A: turrets will absolutely be moddable (Voidreaver)[2020-06-25]

Q: Are there going to be skins/paint for things like the carbonium flooring and stuff?

A: Yes. Here's proof: (Pawel Lekki)[2020-7-13]


Q: Any plans for a branching campaign or will it be linear?

A: Not decided yet

Q: How long you recon, will take an average player, to "finish" the main quest line (aka - Create this massive two way rift)? How much endgame content and replayability do you plan? How much Polish Onions do you plan on gathering per copy for this wonderful game? And most important: Can i pay in Pizzas delivered to your studio?

A (void): We plan for the campaign to be lengthy, but not massive. I guess 20-40 range would be optimal, depending on your playstyle. Replayability comes from the open-endedness of the game - you can approach gameplay any way you like and no two runs will ever be the same thanks to procedural map generation. Plus, we expect that some of you will go ham modding the hell out of the game One copy of the game - 1kg of onions, I'm going to have an onion-filled pool, like scrooge mcduck. We prefer monies to pizza, then we can buy our own pizza :D

A (Pawel): We don't have an average time to finish the game yet, because it's not finished yet I would expect anything between 20-40h of normal gameplay (i.e. not rushing or speed running) The campaign mode is non linear so there will be immediate replay value plus there's survival and custom games, and we are hoping to add workshop support. SO it's hard to be precise here, but I'd guess that - A LOT of reply value. We hope to gather enough onions to keep us fed enough to update the game for some time and to complete the next one. Pizza payment depends on the pizza to game exchange ratio :p

Q: Oh I just realized - will there be an "overarching" aspect to the game; like the base management layer between combat missions in Xcom and Xcom 2 ?

A: Ever played simcity of cities: skylines? you have regions with several cities - one handles tourism, the other is an industrial city, the other is commerce and services and they work together for the entire aglomeration. It's the same case here, but the planet is your region and bases are your cities

Q: Are the campaign maps pre-built?

A: They will be randomized

Q: How will mr. Riggs progression work, will abilities boosts and gear carry over between maps in the campaign format ? ie like ARPG or will it be more like what you have in earlier games ?

A: Everyting is going to carry over

Q: Can you walk from biome to biome in the game or do you have to rift to each biome in the menu?

A: We can't mix biomes, you will jump from one biome to another

Q: How much content is left to be created? or is it mostly touchup, bugs, and finishing touches left?

A: Whole campaign

Q: Do you have a overall backstory draft already?

A: No, we don't

Q: When does new biomes arrive?

A: Not until campaign most likely :p


Ashley & Mr. Riggs

Q: What does Mr. Riggs do in his "off time" between missions while Ashley is having cake?

A: Mr Riggs is checking his oil :)

Q: Ashley and Mr. Riggs fight and (hopefully) survive together, are they friends or is Mr. Riggs just a nice piece of tech that was assigned to her?

A: They both deeply care about each other :)

Q: lore-wise does each mech suit have the Mr.Riggs A.I or are there other suits with different personalities?

A: The suits have different personalities matching their pilots

Q: story question, is ashley in mister riggs or in the HQ? cause you can win the game with just mister riggs surviving but mister riggs can also die, which means that if ashley is in mister riggs, she "respawns" to as a clone

A: Ash is driving Mr. Riggs from the inside, she's teleported if the armor is destroyed

Q: Who is the voice actor of Ashley?

A: Francesca Hogan (check out the gameplay trailer)

Q: Will we learn the backstory of Ashley losing her arm?



Q: Is Earth the only planet inhabited by humans in the universe of Riftbreaker?

A: No, it's not the only planet. In fact Ashley has been on other extraterrestrial missions before.

Q: How did the name of the Planet Galatea-37 came up?

A: randomly :D

Q: Will the story be deep with meaning or will be simple like xmorph to focus entirely on gameplay?

A: We are definitely more gameplay oriented than story oriented. There will be some story, but don't expect it to shadow RDR ;)

Q: Are you planning to include lore-expanding easter eggs within the maps? Like things that trigger a conversation with Mr. Riggs, or maybe "Analysis" text files (that don't require paying a voice actor) ?

A: Maybe :)

Q: Are the storys from xmorph and riftbreaker in the same universe?

A (Void): Not to my knowledge

Game Development, Tester Feedback

Q: Can we have a tsundere voice acting option for Mr.Riggs?

A: Adding additional voice actors is a huge cost, so there are going to be no alternative voices, at least not in the short run

Q: Will there be DLC? and what kind of DLC? will there be multiplayer/Co-op missions or a campaign

A: If we do DLC it’s most likely to be story DLC. No info on coop yet.

Q: What comment or suggestion from a tester do you personally think has made changes to the game in the best way

A: Very early on we had walls that were integrated with the heightened wall floor and they were 2x2. Testers showed us that was a huge mistake :D

Q: Do you ever get a suggestion that's like "that's genius, why didn't we think of that, implement it right now"

A: More often than you’d imagine :o

Q: Do you guys have a roadmap of features you'd like in the game?

A: No, not at the moment

Q: How much of a head-start did you get for The Riftbreaker by taking code and assets from XMD? Did you find a lot of code re-usable?

A: Already answered by lukaasm, not very much

Q: Did anything inspired you guys to make riftbreaker?

A: factorio, helldivers, alienation, starcraft, diablo

Q: How about crossover with other games

A: Not in the near future

Q: How would you sell The Riftbreaker to someone in 3 words?

A: factorio diablo crossover

Q: At what stage of development are you planning to tackle balancing issues ?

A: All the time ;)

Q: What is the main language the game is built in?

A: C++

Game Stability, Optimization, Engine

Q: Have EXOR ever thought about selling licences of "The Schmetterling" game engine to other game devs?

A: Engine and tooling around is crafted around our workflow and has own quirks. Its not public ready.

Pushing it to public would require from us to commit to engine stability and version locking

Q: Is the engine good for multithreading?

A: Yes, it is very heavily multi threaded. Be it from logic or rendering perspective multi-core CPU utilization is only valid road for the future

Q: I get massive lag during the final wave. Is that just a thing that happens in the demo or will I need to upgrade my pc when the game comes out?

A: The game is not optimized yet, the performance will be way better in the final release

Other Riftbreaker-related Questions

Q: Regarding game biomes, are you planning to have underwater biomes, with crawling and swimming (aka flying) enemies?

A: Who likes underwater levels?!

Q: Are there some references /easter eggs to x morph defense?

A: We are thinking about some

Q: Will we be able to custom paint Mr.Riggs?

A: There are going to be customization options, but we don't know in what shape or form just yet

Q: Have you though about maybe if you destroy riggs X times maybe having a glitchy riggs who has modifed voice lines.

A: We have some destroyed/near death/dead voice lines already recorded, but didn't have time to put them in the game yet

Q: Do any of the mods / upgrades change the appearance of the mech?

A: Nope

Q: Can you elaborate on the design ideas behind fluid and solid resources? Is there a specific reason that we don't need to 'transport' solid but have to transport liquids? Will solid transports be a thing at some point or is this whole system going to get a rework later?

A: There are much fewer liquids and buildings requiring liquids, so we can allow that without cluttering the base too much

Q: Is there a possibility for greater customisation for example the colour of walls, the colour of lasers and flames and even the enemies themselves ?

A: Probably not, colour scheme is set in stone, more or less

Q: Furthermore is there a possibility in the future that different types of mech will be available to the player for more variance in gameplay. For example a heavy mech that can use bigger more powerful weapons but is substantially slower or a light mech that can only use melee but has other speedy abilities ?

A: Modelling another mech and designing gameplay around it is a task for 3+ months of work for 6+ people, unlikely

Q: What about a devblog talking about graphical evolution? Like how the HQ looked like at first and how it looks like now etc

A: The Riftbreaker had a clear visual direction from the get-go, there haven't been any changes to game models

Q: Do you guys use any sort of formal design documentation, and do you have any older documents that are suitable for release?

A: The greatest thing about being indie is no need to write lengthy applications if you want to add soemthing to the game, you just come and talk

Q: For the in game music - did you have an idea what you wanted or did the composer have a free hand?

A: The composed had a free hand but we wanted to have a prevalent theme that comes back in certain songs

Q: What if anything is something you guys had initially brainstormed for the game that you ended up scrapping... either it didn't fit the theme or couldn't make it work in the game or any other reason?

A: XMD was supposed to be a scrolling shootem-up with a boss fight at the end of each level

Q: If RB was made into a live action move who do you think should play Ashley & Mr. Riggs?

A (Void): Morgan Freeman, all characters

Q: Will you make the Mr Riggs texture files available for custom texturing upon release? Also, regarding customization, have you considered streamlined dual color customization (base color, contour colour, color picker for both?

A: We haven't considered anything regarding customization just yet, there are other important things clogging the gfx pipeline

Q: Do you guys plan on adding different models for the different upgrade levels of buildings?

A: Most likely no

Q: It would be fun if the game added a journey between planets.

A: yes, we might get some more planets in the future, but let's explore this world first (voidreaver) [2020-06-28]

EXOR Team and Office

Q: Do you have an office plant (or maybe even an office pet) at EXOR, and if so, does it have a name?

A: We have lot's of plants - f.e. Roger

Q: What kind of calories do you use to sustain your physical bodies while developing the game? (what's the favorite in-studio food) ?

A: Pizza and burgers! :D

Q: What does a normal Exor day look like? (Come into the office, drink a coffee, meet at the meeting room to discuss stuff, stuff like that)

A: We have meetings at 11 am on Mondays, besides that everyone does everything at their convenience

Q: What did you guys do before Exor?

A (Void): I was an English teacher

A (Starbugs): Study. I study on 2 university same time ,then finish one,go to Exor while finishing second

Q: Do you have any posters in your office?

A. Few, mostly from our previous games

Q: How many monitors does your setup have, do you code in portrait view?

A (Starbugs): 2 monitors, one 4k and one full hd. Normal view

Q: Does Pawel do storyboarding/worldbuilding ?

A: Yes

Q: Tea or Coffee?

A (Pawel): Tea any time and any day

A (Starbugs): Coffeeeeeeee!!

Q: Is EXOR quantitively measuring gaming (and regular) media news coverage and impact (factors) of Riftbreaker?

A: Yes we are. Steam wishlists are a good indicator of marketing effectiveness and user interest

Q: What's your favourite series/movie ?

A (Void): Brother bear

A (QMA): Breaking Bad

Q: What's the yay/nay ratio in your team about mushrooms on pizza?

A: Mushrooms are a must

Q: Who is the funniest person at work?

A (void): QMA after 2 days of "holiday"

Q: Can you walk us through your design process when creating buildings and other assets?

A (QMA): First we are gathering some refs and then we are doing fast blockouts in Blender/sometimes sketches, then we are showing it to designers and iterating on the building usability and silhoutte - when we think it is ok, we are making high poly/bakes/textures

A: (Natalie): When I don't know how to start I create simple sketch with some ideas how asset could look. Then I show it to Qma and most of the time he tells me, that sketch is bad and I go back to drawing. :D :D When concept starts looking good I create quick blocking in 3d, because sometimes things look good on sketch but in 3d enviroment they just don't work. When blocking phase is accepted I start modeling high poly and low poly version of the asset, and when it's done I start to texturing. Every phase must be accepted by Qma, other members of graphic team and designer team.

Q: Do you have a pet in the office?

A: We don't have pets in the office, we can barely keep plants alive

Q: Do you work overtime often? Does your family support you through it?

A: Not often or just for fun They live with it :)

Q: Full polish stream as april fools?

A: Full polish? with dill pickles, vodka and disco polo?

Q: What is everyones favourite beer?

A (void): Cold and big

A (Natalie): Only coffee <3

A (Bialy): Cold one

Q: Do you like your office or do you wish to get somewhere nicer/bigger?

A (QMA): Our office is not bad

A (Void): Our office is cool, I don't personally feel the need to change it.

A (Natalia): I preferred home office, because I could work in my pajamas, but here in our office I get free buns and food which is also nice :)

Q: What's your favourite room in the office?

A (Starbugs): Kitchen next to coffe machine

A (Void): The Toilet, obv

Q: What is your personal favorite part/aspect of the game ?

A (Void): The fact we have a community around the game!

A (QMA): I like killing monsters ;)

A (Pawel): Artillery

A (Natalia): Basebuilding <3 I could spend all day building my cosmic empire and monster traps

Q: How many people is the staff?

A: 14

Q: It's awesome that such a small team of people can come up with something so successful. Did you guys at any point think you weren't going to be able to finish the game?

A: Well, we haven't finished yet so let's not count the chickens before they hatch :D We hope that The Riftbreaker is successful enough that we can keep on making games for a living

Q: Will the promised Exor Karaoke stream every actually happen.?

A: Too much alcohol would be involved in such a stream

Q: What was the school subject you hated back in school?

A (Void): Polish language

A (QMA): Chemistry

A (Natalie): Physics, chemistry and sport.

Q: Favorite breakfast food?

A (Void): Beer and cigarettes

A (Natalie): Coffee :D

Q: I'm curious to know what's the first job ever you all had?

A (Void): I sold souvenirs at the seaside with a 2000% markup

A (QMA): hmmm selling some stuff :p

A (Lukaasm): I was builder helper working on construction sites :P Later I was working as pizza delivery guy.

A (Natalia): I was selling grave candles for All Saints' Day

Q: What are the dev's favourite bands/music (not void, we know about Devin already!)?

A (Natalia): Rock, folk metal, indie pop, dubstep and music from games and movies. I just like music :D

A (Void): hey! I like a lot of bands! Strapping Young Lad, Casualties of Cool, Devin Townsend Project, Devin Townsend Band, Devin Townsend...

Q: Another thing I was curious about is, do you use any sort of software/website for joint tasks, stuff like Asana, Teams, Slack, so on?

A: We have a Gantt chart to track them

Q: What's your all time favourite magic card?

A (Void): Probably kozilek, the great distortion, but it's a close call between that and dragonlord ojutai

Q: whats your favorite yugioh card?

A (Void): I've never played yugioh, so I'll go with pot of greed cuz drawing cards can't be bad

Q: Whats your favorite indie game to play and whats your favorite AAA title to play currently... and not the game your working on... cuz its everyone's fav

A (Starbugs): Binding of Isaac and FTL, Gothic,Morrowind. I like old games... Dwarf Fortress, Cataclysm...

A (Void): I am currrently splaying a lot of Slay the Spire. I also spent 100h+ in RDR2 just fishing and hunting

A (Natalia): Indie game: Undertale and Celeste, AAA: Witcher 3.

Q: What are the unwritten rules of where you work?

A: Don't eat anyone else's food, make sure to aim properly when you pee and if you are late you owe everyone a soda

Q: Who was last late/took a sicky due to playing a video game & what was the game

A (Void): @Ferdyzor took a week off when the crash remaster launched and finished it in 48hrs

Q: What game/event triggered the devs to want to be devs?

A (Lukaasm): World of Warcraft private server :P

A (Starbugs): Email from Exor :D

A (Natalia): I was working as a social media specialist, which was boring af, so I decided that I should follow my dreams and find something really creative.

Q: Are there any games out there that you dearly want to love but think would be much better if you were making them?

A (Void): Magic: The Gathering

Q: If you could have a unlimited budget & development resources, with no regard for market : what game would you update, remaster, sequel, ect?

A: It doesn't matter because the game would never launch - unlimited resources = infinite dev time

Q: Will we ever see someone else in front of the cam when streaming? Some Riftbreaker hard run with @Natalia C or @starbugs for example?

A (Starbugs): You dont like void ?:d

A (QMA): I would die in first 20 minutes of stream

A (Natalia): Gosh nope, I'm a terrible player

Q: What game do you love, but suck at?

A (Void): the binding of isaac

A (QMA): The Riftbreaker :p

Q: What game don't you like that is widely acclaimed?

A (Void): That's a good one. I really dislike the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games

A (QMA): Minecraft

A (Starbugs): Fortnite :D

Q: What would be a franchise/brand you would like to make a game for?

A (Void): Worms

Q: Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

A: If pizza is a salad ;D

Q: Have you become more comfortable in your role as a community manager and streamer compared to the days when you were just streaming X-Morph, X-Morph, X-Morph? If so, how? What's the most important thing you've learned from your time as a community manager?

A (Void): I'm a lot more comfortable now that I can actually talk to more than two people in the chat. It's tough to establish a community for a game that's already out there. I learned that you can't please everyone and the negativity of the vocal minority must not overshadow the real, valuable, reason-driven feedback from those who do not rely on emotions as much.

Q: How has COVID19 affected the completion rate of Riftbreaker? and how has it affected the team?

A: Few problems with comunnication but nothing more I think. Everyone is healthy and ready to work their asses of for The Riftbreaker

Q: How many Riftbreaker energy drinks do you have left?

A: This many:


Q: What were your favorite environment assets to design?

A (Adam): Those blue crystals with roots were cool to make

A (Natalia): Thorny and ugly cactus

Q: What team is the biggest? Graphics/Programming

A: Programmers are 6 of our total 14 ppl

Q: This one is a question for the entire team: Do you read science fiction and do you have favorite titles and series ?

A (QMA): I do. Lot's of them and comics

A (Natalia): I just started reading Blade runner, but I read mostly fantasy genre.

A (Lukaasm): Malazan Book of the Fallen

Q: A follow-up to the sci-fi question. Do you WATCH sci-fi, and what's your favorite movie/series if so?

A (Void): Star trek!

A (Lukaasm): The Expanse

A (Starbugs): Star Trek

A (Natalia): Favorite sci-fi movie Star Wars. Tv show: The Expanse.

Q: How long has everyone worked at EXOR studios?

A (Lukaasm): 7 years

A (QMA): 12

A (Starbugs): 6


The AMA concluded at 7pm GMT+2