The Riftbreaker Wiki

To open the console in-game press ´ / ö / ' / ñ / ù / ~ / ` (Type of keyboard language changes button to press)

Warning: Typos made in the console may result in a game crash. Double check your spelling before submitting your command!

To enable the console for Xbox App/Gamepass users: Go into the Xbox app and select Riftbreaker. to the right of the play button you should see a box with ... in it, click the box and select to enable mods. You should then get the option to open the mod folder, if not, click the ... again and select open mod folder. Once in there navigate to the "TheRiftbreaker" folder from the address bar. From here select the "Conf" folder and open the "initial_config_win" file with something like notepad ++. Once in this file locate the line that reads "set enable_developer_console 0" and change the 0 to 1 and save the file. Now from in game you should be able to access the console using one of the keys listed above.


Command Effect
r_show_fps [0 /1/ 2] Shows FPS in the top left corner, mode 1 or 2
r_max_background_fps [Number] Allows the game to run with [Number] of frames when not in focus
show_flow_graph_screen Shows active missions and their nodes with the ability to instantly finish them


Command Effect
debug_recreate_buildings 1 This command will remove and recreate all buildings and connections in your base.
show_assert_dialog [0/1] Shows assert dialogs on screen
show_terrain_grid [0/1] The ground gets a colored grid depending on type of block
r_show_map_info [0/1] Shows map information top left (Map seed, player position, current tile, terrain material)
debug_mission_flow [0/1] Shows the currently active mission flow for debugging
r_show_entity_blueprints [0/1] Shows entity blueprint information
debug_spawn_entity [Blueprint] [ Y | Z | X ] Spawns an object in-game (building/unit). If no Y/Z/X coordinates are given, it spawns at playerPos
activate_mission_flow logic/weather/acid_rain.logic Starts an in-game event depending on path chosen
camera_enable_zoom [0/1] The player can zoom with the mousewheel
r_debug_rendering [vrs / occlusion / none] Shows [variable rate shading / occlusion / no] debug overlay
time_of_day_hour [Number] Changes in-game time to input number
time_factor [Number] Changes in-game speed. E.g., time_factor 2 moves at double speed, time_factor .5 moves at half speed
r_show_lua_names [0/1] Shows in-game lua names
debug_show_gui_hitboxes [0/1] Shows GUI hitboxes
debug_unlock_mission [name, def] Unlocks a campaign mission
building_speed_multiplier [decimal value] Value sets building speed multiplier. E.g., 0.5 causes buildings to build 2x as fast. Does not affect buildings already being built.
cheat_debug_difficulty [0/1] Shows current difficulty parameters as text on screen.
debug_get_familiarity_level family [subspecies] Prints to logfile
r_show_vegetation_phase Shows the plants vegetation phase
developer_console_persistent_history Allows console state to persist between runs (persist only last 30 commands)


Command Effect
cheat_unlock_award Unlocks an award drop
cheat_reveal_minimap [0/1] Reveals the minimap
cheat_enable_debug_menu [0/1] Enables the sandbox menu; Press F11 to open
cheat_god_mode [0/1] Makes Riggs invincible
cheat_set_player_health Sets Riggs health
cheat_remove_all_units [0/1] Removes all units
cheat_remove_visible_units [0/1] Removes all units currently visible on the minimap
cheat_add_all_player_items [0/1] Adds all items to the inventory
cheat_add_item [Item Blueprint w/ _item] [Count] Adds a specific number of the same item to the inventory.
cheat_add_items_by_type [ItemType] Adds the items of a type to the player inventory (See bottom of the page)
cheat_add_resource [Resource] [Value] Adds a specific amount of a specific resource to the player inventory.
cheat_no_clip [0/1] Riggs can walk through obstacles
cheat_full_bestiary [0/1] Unlocks the full bestiary
cheat_increase_family_info_lvl [family name] prop_name/[object name] Increases bestiary family level
cheat_hud_visible [0/1] Hides / Shows the HUD
cheat_spawn_meteor [0/1] Spawns a meteor
cheat_full_loadout [0/1] Gives Riggs an equipped heavy weapons loadout
cheat_enable_research [0/1] Allows research
cheat_unlock_research [0/1] Unlocks research
cheat_set_player_invisibility [0/1] Turns Riggs invisible
cheat_enable_discoverable_system [0/1] Enables the discovery of new species
cheat_build_building_on_random_spot [Blueprint] [Count] Spawns buildings on random spots
cheat_unlimited_money [0/1] Unlimited resources
cheat_minimap_teleport_on_click [0/1] Teleports to position on minimap (Open big minimap and click)
cheat_disable_cultivator_biome_requirement [0/1] Lets you grow everything, everywhere


Command Effect
r_disable_fog 1 Disable zoom-out fog
r_ambient_occlusion [hbao / ray / none] Changes view to [horizon based ambient occlusion / ray tracing / none] lighting implementation
r_anti_aliasing [txaa / smaa / none] Temporal anti-aliasing [enable / disable]
r_cas [cas / none] FidelityFX CAS (Contrast Adaptive Sharpening) [enable / disable]
r_soft_shadows [pcss / none] Soft shadows [enable / disable]


Command Effect
EXOR_DEVELOPER_BUILD == 1 auto enable console
enable_developer_console == false if demo_mode == 1 denies console on demo_mode
set skip_startup_logos "1" Will skip videos after initial loading/parsing is finished
set r_disable_fog 1 Disables zoom-out fog
bind h "toggle cheat_hud_visible 0 1" Same key "H" will show/hide hud
set enable_seasonal_events "1" Activate seasonal events
set current_seasonal_event "winter_holiday" Sets the current seasonal event to winter_holiday
set enable_biom_select 1 Unlocks all biomes for the survival gamemode


Resource IDs

carbonium ironium biomass_plant biomass_animal cobalt uranium palladium titanium ferdonite

Item Types

misc range_weapon melee_weapon shield equipment movement_skill skill dash_skill consumable saplings
passive upgrade defensive_mech_upgrade support_mech_upgrade upgrade_parts interactive weapon_mod