Mech Consumables

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While on Galatea-37, Mr. Riggs can use consumables to support himself while building or fighting.



Damage Damage Type Damage Radius Cooldown
Standard 300 Area 8 1s
Advanced 400 Area 8 1s
Superior 500 Area 8 1s
Extreme 600 Area 8 1s

Gravity Grande

Damage initial blast Damage initial blast radius Damage initial blast type Damage inside black hole Damage type Damage radius black hole Cooldown
Standard 50 5 Area 30/sec Gravity 10 1s
Advanced 100 5 Area 40/sec Gravity 10 1s
Superior 150 5 Area 50/sec Gravity 10 1s
Extreme 200 5 Area 60/sec Gravity 10 1s


Proximity Mine

Damage Damage radius Damage type Cooldown
Standard 300 8 Area 1s
Advanced 600 8 Area 1s
Superior 900 8 Area 1s
Extreme 1200 8 Area 1s

Nuclear Mine

Damage Damage radius Damage type Cooldown
Standard 2000 10 Area 3s
Advanced NA NA NA NA
Superior NA NA NA NA
Extreme NA NA NA NA

Cryogenic Mine

Cooldown: 1s


Instant Repair

Repair Cooldown Damage type Cooldown
Standard 25% 30s Area 3s
Advanced 50% 30s NA NA
Superior 75% 30s NA NA
Extreme 100% 30s NA NA

Mobile Turret

Health Range
Standard 500 0-34m
Advanced 600 0-34m
Superior 700 0-34m
Extreme 800 0-34m