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A modded game can adversely influence your game experience and is not officially supported, but if you have problems with any modifications you can check the modding channel on EXOR Studios Discord server for help from the community.

Exor Studios does not control nor monitor files available for download - everyone should check the downloaded content themselves. Mods should normally only consist of a zip archive, containing one or more folders and text files.

Use at your own risk.

How to add mods to your game


The Riftbreaker has been built from the ground-up for community mod support. Currently Steam and GamePass PC versions can be modded.

Available mods

Community mods are currently being hosted at:

Adding mods on Steam (PC)

  1. Open your Steam Library page
  2. Right-click on The Riftbreaker and open "Properties"
  3. Click "Local files" on the left-hand side
  4. Click "Browse" on the upper-right
  5. Open the "packs" folder
  6. Copy/paste mod zip archives directly into the packs folder - DO NOT UNZIP THEM!
  7. Play your modified game!

Adding mods on GamePass (PC)

  1. Navigate to [Drive_game_is_intalled_on]\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\TheRiftbreaker\packs
  2. Copy/paste mod zip archives directly into the packs folder - DO NOT UNZIP THEM!
  3. Play your modified game!

How to create mods


- 7zip (Winrar does not work)

- Notepad ++

Modding structure

The core data files are located in the "Packs" folder. ".zip" files placed in the "packs" folder are loaded sequentially and overwrite the original packdata

Instead of putting all modded files into the original game zip it's recommended to use the mod structure.

How it works

Every ZIP that gets added to the folder "steamapps\common\The Riftbreaker Prologue\packs" overwrites the inside of the original game ZIP-File of "00_win_data".

If you have mutiple ZIPs (or mods) the game merges them all together, a-z priority. So be aware if some mods change the same content.

As the game simply overwrites the original files, we can create a new ZIP-file and recreate the folder structure inside the original "00_win_data" to overwrite the original content.

To unzip the original ZIP and look around or create your own ZIP it is necessary to use 7zip as something like Winrar does not work.

Note: The game can now also use modded files directly without zipping them. You need to create a folder called "data" in your "Riftbreaker" folder and put your changed files in there with the same folder structure as inside a zipped mod. (example: Riftbreaker/data/entities/player/character.ent)


If you create and put your files here with the same folder structure as in the original zip, the game will overwrite the original files and your version will be used.

So if you change values of the blaster entity in the path "...\00_win_data_\entities\items\weapons\blaster.ent" you have to create the same folder structure (entities\items\weapons\) inside your and place your modified file in there.

As a result you have a tiny ZIP-File with nothing but 1 folder path leading to your blaster file.

That modded ZIP is now placed next to the original game ZIPs and should look like this:

Modding structure 3.png

Note: The ZIP name can be anything you like.

Lua API Service overview

Exor uses services in the game code, a command overview:

To call such a service it would look like this as an example (Using the ItemService):

ItemService:SetActivationStatus(Exor::Entity ent, bool value)

Mod examples

Listed here are some examples of what could be done with modding


Mod manager

The Riftbreaker will most probably get an official mod manager.

No further information is currently known.


Need help or inspiration creating mods?

The official discord has a modding channel just for this topic: #rb-modding .