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Just as the previous games does The Riftbreaker support modding:


- 7zip (Winrar does not work)

- Notepad ++

Mod structure

Instead of putting all modded files into the original game zip it's recommended to use the mod structure.

If you create (increment number for every mod ) and put your files here with same folder structure as in the original zip, the game will overlay the original files and your version will be used.

Modding structure 1.png

Service overview

Exor uses services in the game code, a command overview:

To call such a service it would look like this as an example (Using the ItemService):

ItemService:SetActivationStatus(Exor::Entity ent, bool value)

Mod examples

Listed here are some examples of what could be done with modding



  • NA

Mod manager

The Riftbreaker will most probably get an official mod manager.


Need help or inspiration creating mods?

The official discord has a modding channel just for this topic.