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Moltugs are large, slug-like creatures with a calcified shell on their backs. They feed on sulphuric residue found on rocks in the Magma Biome. For an unknown reason, Moltugs sometimes hide pieces of minerals underneath their shells.


Speed Health statistics Resistances Vulnerabilities Misc Resource drop
Normal: 2

Acceleration: 0.5

Health: 1800

Regeneration: 0

Physical - 100%

Fire - 100%

Cryo - 200%

Acid - 400%

Min. difficulty factor: 0

Max. difficulty factor: NA

Ironium, Carbonium, Cobalt, Animal Biomass, Titanium, Tanzanite, Rhodonite, Hazenite, Ferdonite


  • When collecting the first 5 specimen of this alien, Mr. Riggs will say a polish nursery rhyme which translates to "Snail, snail, what are you doing here? So pretty, so fat. You'll be a sack of cabbage". Afterwards Ashley will confront him about his weird behavior, while he will deny having said anything.