The Riftbreaker Wiki

Research in an important function in The Riftbreaker to unlock new technologies to survive.

See Campaign Research Tree for a full breakdown of the main campaign research tree.

Research Trees in Survival are planned to be updated in a future release.

Research is separated into three unique trees; "Base and Buildings," "Weapons and Equipment," and "Alien Research."

"Base and Buildings" and "Weapons and Equipment" are unlocked once the Communication Hub is constructed and supplied with power.

"Alien Research" is unlocked once the Laboratory is constructed and supplied with power and clean water.

Base and Buildings

Base and Buildings is the first Tech Tree unlocked by the Communication Hub. Here, you can research and develop Defensive Structures, Energy Production and Storage, Resource Production and Storage, Ammo Production and Storage, Key Resource Handling, and upgrades for your Headquarters.

Some research is locked behind Headquarters research and upgrades. It is important to keep your Headquarters up-to-date in both research and upgrade level.

Weapons and Equipment

Weapons and Equipment is the second Tech Tree unlocked by the Communication Hub. Here, you can research Mech Weaponry, Upgrades, Consumables, Movement Skills, and upgrades for your Armory.

Some research is locked behind Armory research. It is important to keep your Armory up-to-date in research. In order to do this, you must also keep the Headquarters up-to-date as much of the Armory research is restricted by your Headquarters.

Alien Research

Alien Research is the only Tech Tree unlocked by the Laboratory. Here, you can research Environmental Protection, Special Resource Handling, Laboratory Upgrades, and Specialized Technology such as Mech Equipment, Weapons, and Towers.

Unlike the other two Tech Trees, the Alien Research tree requires that you gain Familiarity with Fauna, Flora, and certain Materials to research new technology. Some technologies are also locked behind story missions in the campaign, such as environmental shieldings, special structures, and floors.

There are 2 methods to gain Familiarity with prerequisite entities. Killing or destroying entities can drop DNA Fragments that can be collected by Mr.Riggs. Additionally, first unlocking the Laboratory also unlocks the Bioscanner which can be used to scan entities that are highlighted in green, granting DNA Fragments more reliably.