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Resources are dropped when killing enemies or can be found in the world.

List of Resources

World drops

These drops are resources which can be obtained by killing enemies or destroying the flora.

Icon Cobalt bigger.png Palladium bigger.png Titanium.png Uranium bigger.png Tanzanite bigger.png Ferdonite bigger blue.png Hazenite bigger.png Rhodonite.png Specimen bigger.png
Name Cobalt Palladium Titanium Uranium Tanzanite Ferdonite Hazenite Rhodonite Specimen

Usage for Weapon Crafting

Generally speaking, weapons follow the following rules:

  • To craft Superior quality weapons, you need one of the crystal types above (ending in -ite)
  • To craft Extreme quality weapons, you need the same crystal type as for the Superior tier, but also one of Cobalt / Palladium / Uranium / Titanium
  • Physical damage weapons require Cobalt & Hazenite (except the Sword)
  • Energy and Corrosive damage weapons require Palladium & Rhodonite (except the Railgun)
  • Explosive damage weapons require Uranium (refined, not crude) & Tanzanite (except the Swarm Missiles)
  • Fire and Cryo damage weapons always require Titanium & Ferdonite

Unit Drops

Unit Drops are resources which get dropped only by killing the fauna, such as Canoptrix.

Icon Animal biomass big.png
Name Animal biomass
Obtained by All enemies
Usage Animal Biomass Powerplant

Plant Drops

Plant Drops are resources which get dropped only by destroying the flora (plants).

Icon Plant biomass big.png
Name Plant biomass
Obtained by All plants,


Usage Plant Biomass Powerplant,

Bio Composter

Mined resources

These resources can be acquired by using some sort of mine for that kind of resource, e.g. Carbonium Factory.

Icon Carbonium bigger.png Ironium bigger.png Cobalt bigger.png Palladium bigger.png Titanium.png Uranium ore bigger.png
Name Carbonium Ironium Cobalt Palladium Titanium Crude Uranium
Obtained by Carbonium Factory,

Carbonium Synthesizer

Ironium Factory,

Ironium Synthesizer

Rare element mine Rare element mine Rare element mine Rare element Mine
Vein Icon Carbon vein bigger.png Iron vein bigger.png Cobalt bigger.png Palladium vein.png TitaniumVein.png Uranium vein bigger.png
Vein look DmL8BjY.png

Liquid resources

Resources which exist as liquid pools on the map (with the exception of water, which is produced from Mud or Sludge).

Icon Water vein bigger.png Mud vein bigger.png Sludge vein bigger.png Magma vein bigger.png
Name Water Mud Sludge Magma
Obtained by Liquid Pump,

Water Filtering Plant

Liquid Pump,

Geothermal Powerplant

Liquid Pump Liquid Pump
Pool Icon Water pool bigger.png Mud pool bigger.png Sludge pool bigger.png Magma pool bigger.png
Usage Various Water Filtering Plant Water Filtering Plant,

Gas Filtering Plant

Magma Powerplant

Artificial resources

These resources can only be obtained through being produced by the player's buildings.

Icon Super coolant bigger.png Plasma bigger.png Supercharged plasma bigger.png Flammable gas bigger.png Uranium bigger.png
Name Super Coolant Plasma Supercharged


Flammable Gas Uranium
Obtained by Supercoolant Refinery Fusion Powerplant,


Plasma Converter Gas Filtering Plant,

Bio Composter

Uranium Centrifuge
Usage Nuclear Powerplant,

Fusion Powerplant

Plasma Converter,

Shield Generator

Heavy Artillery Gas Powerplant Nuclear Powerplant,

weapon crafting,

artillery defences