Startup errors

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It might happen that the game won't start as an error is happening.

This page might help you find the cause of it.

Log file location:


☐ Your operation system is atleast Windows 8.1 64bit.

☐ Your drivers are all up to date.

☐ Your Anti-Virus is not blocking the game.


☐ Verify the game files:

☐ Uninstall the game in Steam, remove the created folder, reinstall the game.

Known errors:

☐ Avast AntiVirus + AVG block the game files (IPD.Generic)

  • FIX: Create an exception for this game

☐ ERROR: unable to load "riftbreaker_dll_win_Release.dll"

Error dll.png

☐ ASUS AuraSync causing a crash at startup

Rgb effects launcher.png

☐ "Tracy Profiler initialization failure - CPU doesn't support invariant TSC. Define TRACY_NO_INVARIANT_CHECK=1 to ignore this error, *if you know what you're doing*.

  • Go to Computer > Properties > System > Advanced system settings > Environment variables. Click 'New...' and name it 'TRACY_NO_INVARIANT_CHECK' and give it value '1'