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The survival game mode is one of the biggest parts of the game. The player has the possibility to fight an endless amount of monsters and test if they have the required skills to survive until the end.


The player has to survive a fixed time until they win the survival mode. The game counts as lost if the headquarters is destroyed and the player dies, thus having no way to respawn.

Every couple of minutes the wave becomes stronger meaning the amount of stronger enemy species (Ultra / Alpha) increase.

If the player upgrades their headquarters a special attack wave gets triggered.

Units placed on the map scale with difficulty and the monster strength increases the closer you are to the map edge.

Difficulty =creatures_base_difficulty + creatures_distance_per_difficulty / distance_from_player_initial_spawn

With difficulty limit being creatures_max_difficulty


Survival can be played on 4 different biomes,⁣ each biome having different advantages and disadvantages, as can be read on their direct pages.

You unlock the other survival maps by beating the previous map, with at least some difficulty chosen.

Biome Map size Ambient Units Neutral Units Passive Units Guardian Units Enemy Units
Jungle 6 Quelver, Vesaurus Jurvine Gnerot, Krocoon Arachnoid Boss Canoptrix, Arachnoid, Hammeroceros, Baxmoth, Kermon, Bomogan
Desert 6 Rugwig, Mothray Geotrupex Gnerot Arachnoid Boss, Stregaros Boss, Gnerot Boss Mushbit, Zorant, Stregaros, Lesigian, Necrodon, Kermon
Acid 6 Crader, Vathamite Sulphorit Krocoon Arachnoid Boss, Nerilian Boss, Nurglax Boss Granan, Arachnoid, Nerilian, Bomogan, Nurglax, Phirian, Baxmoth
Magma 6 Venomine, Bitrid Moltug Gnerot, Krocoon Krocoon Boss, Gnerot Boss, Nerilian Boss, Magmoth Boss Morirot, Bomogan, Magmoth, Nerilian, Necrodon, Phirian, Drexolian, Hedroner


Difficulties are the settings which modify the whole survival experience the most. Each difficulty changes the survival gamemode in one way or another.

Hardcore modifier

Hardcore itself is not a difficulty but it's a difficulty modifier.

If the player dies once - even if their headquarter is still standing - the game is lost.

Default Difficulties

Difficulty Time to first wave Time between waves First wave strength increase Subsequent wave strength increase Enemy damage factor Survival time Resource volume factor Max. objectives active Weapons dropped

on death

Creatures distance

per difficulty

Creatures base


Creatures max


Easy 5 minutes 8 minutes 5 minutes 12 minutes 0.33 60 minutes 2 1 0 512 0 4
Normal 5 minutes 7 minutes 3:20 minutes 10 minutes 1.0 60 minutes 1 2 1 256 0 none
Hard 5 minutes 7 minutes 3:20 minutes 10 minutes 1.0 90 minutes 1 2 1 256 0.5 none
Brutal 5 minutes 7 minutes 3:20 minutes 8:20 minutes 1.0 90 minutes 1 2 1 256 1.0 none


No waves spawn automatically, players have to send those themselves if they want to.

Features a sandbox control menu - press F11 to open.

Via the sandbox control menu all kinds of enemies can be spawned, events created or player settings manipulated.

Custom difficulty

This difficulty opens up another GUI page where the player can choose from lots of different options to create the difficulty they wants.

Such options are f.e: Enemy damage factor, building cost, game duration, map size, enemy wave strength etc.

Random difficulty

Most of the difficulty settings are random here, the player can only configure 5 values:

Wave interval duration, game duration, warm up duration, map size and if they want to have the sandbox control panel.

Everything else is always randomized.

Stream integration

If a player is streaming the game he can choose to connect his stream to those ingame events via Twitch. Once connected, players can vote for ingame events to happen.

The streamer has the possibility to enable / disable both positive and negative events as well as to change the voting time.

Rule: The option with the most votes happens - if 2 options have the same amount of votes, it's randomly decided which option happens.

Ingame Events

See: Survival Events