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Next to items and skills are weapons the only thing Mr. Riggs as the mech has to protect himself and attack enemies.

Weapons can be crafted using the Armory. Each crafted weapon has a certain chance to have higher or lower values for each attribute as well as having mods already mounted on the gun.

Guns need ammunition to be operative - this ammunition gets produced in Armories. Each produces a certain amount of ammuniotion, more Armories = more ammunition.

Mr. Riggs can carry 3 left hand and 3 right hand weapons, the player can switch between them by pressing the buttons to change weapons (Default Q and E)

Human Weapons can be researched using the Communication Hub.

Human Weapons

Defensive Weapons

Weapon Shield Temp 1.png

Energy Weapons

Blaster Laser Plasma Gun Railgun
Weapon Blaster 1 rev1.png Weapon Laser 1 rev1.png Weapon Plasma Gun 1 rev1.png Weapon Railgun 1 rev1.png

Fluid Weapons

Weapon Flamer 1 rev1.png

Projectile Weapons

Burst Rifle Minigun Shotgun Small Machinegun Sniper Rifle
Weapon Burst Rifle 1 rev1.png Weapon Minigun 1 rev1.png Weapon Shotgun 1 rev1.png Weapon Small Machinegun 1 rev1.png Weapon Sniper Rifle 1 rev1.png

Explosive Weapons

Grenade Launcher Floating Mines Launcher Nuclear Launcher Rocket Launcher Swarm Missiles
Weapon Grenade Launcher 1 rev1.png Weapon Floating Mines Launcher 1 rev1.png Weapon Nuclear Launcher 1 rev1.png Weapon Rocket Launcher 1 rev1.png Weapon Swarm Missile Launcher 1 rev1.png

Melee Weapons

Hammer Power Fist Spear Sword
Weapon Sword 1 rev1.png

Alien Weapons



Detector Debug Rifle
Weapon Detector 1 rev1.png Weapon Debug Rifle.png